Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Un precioso dia en in país precioso

Un precioso dia en in país precioso
"a beautiful day in a beautiful country"

Waking up at 3:40 is something that I would normally not look forward to, but in these circumstances the excitement I had overcome how tired I felt. The plane ride was long but it offered us some time to bond with each other. It even got a little weird at some points (pretty sure I had a stalker). As soon as we got to the airport in Managua a feeling of nostalgia came over me. I felt as if I was back home. It's a bittersweet feeling because I really do miss El Salvador but because of the situation the country is in we don't go back anymore. 

Waking out of the airport we met Manfred, who seemed more like a friend then the owner of the hotel we were staying at. The hotel itself is in the shape of a pyramid hence the name El Pyramide. As you can see even Manfred reps GLOBE. 

Fabretto was our first stop. We met with Jennifer White who was the merchandise manager to talk about what Fabretto really does. We got to see some of the hand woven baskets that the ladies make which help them earn a steady income. We also got to see the jewelry that the children and women make. It's astonishing because they're beautiful pieces of  jewelry made from recycled material. One thing that I've really enjoyed about this trip is how all the fellows are so eager to submerge themselves in Nicaragua's culture. Everyone tries to speak Spanish and always has questions that show their interest in what we're doing here. Being originally from El Salvador the culture is familiar to me but it is so refreshing to see everyone so fascinated by the amazing culture here.  

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