Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Our first two days !

The last few days have been quite busy but very meaningful. It has been difficult to post because of the weak wifi at the hotel. However, we have gotten star treatment here in Nicaragua. We are staying at a really amazing hotel called La Pyramide, which is owned by a man named Manfred. He has been amazing about setting us up and getting us transportation to our many visits. He also always makes sure we are well fed. Our driver is Sharon, who the fellows and I decided would be an honorary member of GLOBE. Sharon has been truly amazing and an important part of our little Family here in Nicaragua.

Our first day here we met with Jennifer from the Fabretto Foundation. She took us to a jewelry cooperative, Nica Hope and allowed us to speak with one of the girls who works at the cooperative. Jennifer was amazing and even let us purchase some of the pine baskets made by women in Northern Nicaragua. After that visit we had dinner and even took Dr. Sama dancing. 

On our second day we took a 3 hr trip early in the morning to Matagapla and met up with Berly and Martha from People Helping People Global. PHPG runs on a group lending model and serves the poorest of the poor with the help of amazing volunteers such as Berly. We went to a town near a dump and met some of PHPG's borrowers. I got extremely emotional listening to these borrowers stories. They really want to create a better future for their kids and the ones around them. There was one woman who made tortillas and she would get up at 3am. She had young children and they too helped out with her business. What really got to me was that within a week of having the first half of her loan she was able to hire a worker and help someone else out in her community. She had a beautiful smile and she was simply breathtaking. The borrowers live relatively close to each other and work together to ensure success. PHPG also does training and skills classes. Berly explained that they have a low default rate because they teach their borrowers how to manage their money and member of the group hold each other accountable. 

I have taken over 500 pictures and it is only day 3!! 

Unfortunately the wifi won't allow me to post all the pictures. Although I desperately wish I could. 

Until next time :) 

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