Friday, May 22, 2015

Nicaragua, you are beautiful

We have only been here for a few days but I am going to have to get dragged out of this country. There hasn't been one experience that was not humbling and life changing. We spent our first day with Fabretto, seeing the products of dedicated women who weave baskets and make jewelry. It was hot; it was tiring; but so worth it.

Our second day, however, was beautifully overwhelming. We dragged each other out of bed at 5:30 to drive out to Matagalpa. Our crankiness quickly escaped us as we met with the members of People Helping People Global. We visited one of their borrowers in her home and in a split second, everything in our lives were put into perspective. She was a beautiful mother who walks for two hours every three days carrying a 100 lbs bag to make tortillas. She had just gotten her loan and the first thing she did was hire another woman from the community to help her out. You would think someone like that would want to make the extra few dollars to spend on her family; but she chose to bring that joy to someone else. We were speechless. We walked into her home to see how the organization works but walked out changed people.

We also had the opportunity to visit the school in that community that goes from first grade to fifth grade. Nicaraguan Mother's Day is on May 30th and so we interrupted their arts and crafts day as they decorated hearts and practiced performances for their moms. I don't think there is anything that compares to the innocence and joy in the eyes of children in this country. It's refreshing to be around them. No iPhones; no one complaining about how their outfit doesn't match; just simple, pure joy. They're contagious. You can't be around them without having the biggest smile on your face. Those children were beautiful, joyful, and contagious.

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