Monday, May 25, 2015

Final thoughts

It's amazing how fast time can fly by. We leave tomorrow even though it feels like just yesterday I arrived in this beautiful country. This trip has undeniably changed the way I look and think about certain aspects of my own life. Last semester the work I would do in GLOBE was so gratifying, but this trip offered me a chance to actually see how the work I did changed lives. On the other hand it also allowed me to see how much more work needs to be done. Multiple times along the way I questioned what I really want to do with my life. 

Meeting these humble people on the trip changes how you view your own life. I complain because I can't buy a shirt I like or because I have to be up at 7:00 am to go to work, but those are things that seem so irrevalant now. Some of the people I met start their days at 3:00 am and work all day. When they told their stories I could here the pain in their voices. It's something that I can't imagine going through, and I don't believe anyone should. Communities where children walk 20 minutes in the blistering heat just to go to school. Schools where one professor teaches and where there isn't clean water. These are things we can help change, things we should be helping change! I realize money isn't the only thing that can help them. Giving our time or making sure others know of these situations can help! This trip is allowed me to see what GLOBE really did and should do and also how much more work we still have ahead of us. 
- Kevin

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  1. I so agree, Kevin. We have the responsibility to spread the word. If GLOBE can help all of us become more conscious human beings, and grow our compassion for those with less fortune than us, than this program is an unmitigated success!
    Linda Sama