Thursday, May 21, 2015

We FINALLY met our borrowers

It was our third day. Less than 72 hours in Nicaragua and I do not want to leave. Nicaragua brought all Fellows together. We are a family now. Oh, and Dr. Sama and Linda. They are outstanding, amazing, fabulous. They have the passion, energy and faith in all of us and everything we do here. They have faith in GLOBE. So do I. Nosotros somos familia (not sure if I spelled it right but that is what I say all the time).

Nicaragua opened my eyes on poverty, and poverty alleviation. My mind opened to what the world really is. The world is not America. We are only a majority. The majority of people leave in the developing countries. They live in rural areas with no or little infrastructure, lack of access to resources and running water, lack of access to health care and nutritious foods. That was the world is. We all have to realize that. I am not saying we all should quit our jobs and move to Nicaragua, Kenya, Vietnam, and Malaysia and change the world. What I am saying is that we all can take a moment and think about our lives. Think about what we have, what we really need and how we can make a small change in the world.

I was looking forward to today's day. I really wanted to meet our borrowers. Meet people whom we help and whose lives we change. It was an amazing experience to see them smiling. All of our borrowers were very grateful for giving them the loan and opportunity to raise themselves up from poverty. All the borrowers shared their amazing stories which were very inspirational. I was also very excited to meet Daughters of Charity who make GLOBE program possible because they are the one who links us to the borrowers.

Today I am sharing with you pictures from our visit to Supply Hope, a micro-franchise organization that does great things and empowers people. We visited their franchises and meet the owners of the small markets that sell healthy foods.

Moreover, I would love to share with you pictures of our meeting with Daughters and borrowers, as well as visits at some of the borrowers' houses and businesses. \


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