Friday, May 22, 2015

Somos Familia

These last few days have been AMAZING !!! My family has just grown by five. I have had so much fun getting to know the Dr. Sama, GLOBE Fellows, our GLOBE borrowers, and the teams from: PHPG, La Esperanza, Supply Hope, Fabretto Children's Foundation.

When I decided to come back to school, it was not an easy decision. I wasn't satisfied with the work I was doing, but I knew it would be hard financially to leave. I am so grateful that I came back to St. John's and was able to work with GLOBE once again. Not only have I grown as a person but I finally got to meet some of the lives changed by GLOBE. Meeting the borrowers that have received loans from GLOBE was emotional to say the least. All the borrowers were so grateful, it was such a humbling experience. I think I can speak for the fellows and Dr. Sama when I say that we were overwhelmed with the amount of love the borrowers showed us. They called us "godsends", it was truly a life changing moment. I was shocked to see how many of our borrowers showed up to meet us. They treated us like royalty and Sonia even welcomed us into her beautiful home, she is soon to be the recipient of her second loan. She is amazing individual and it was a pleasure getting to meet her in person.

The Borrowers Waiting for their Introductions

Kevin asking the borrowers how GLOBE has changed their lives

GLOBE Borrowers Watch the Video SJU
 made about the last GLOBE Fellows Trip

GLOBE Borrowers Watch the Video SJU
made about the last GLOBE Fellows Trip

GLOBE Borrowers

Kevin, Sonia, Miriam, & Mariam

Sonia & Chinyere

Mariam, Sonia, & Ola

GLOBE Family with their Newly Made Bracelets from SONIA

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