Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pro Mujer - Grenada

Today is the day we go to Grenada, our first stop was Pro Mujer. Pro Mujer is a leading women’s development organization that provides more than 286,000 women in Latin America with the means to build livelihoods for themselves and futures for their families through financial services, business and empowerment training, and health care support. This powerful formula helps the courageous and hardworking women Pro Mujer serves generate much-needed income for themselves and their families, unlock their personal potential, send their children to school, care for their health, and make life-altering changes to improve their living conditions according to Personally based on what I have observed today,our visit was revealing. I can say that Pro Mujer is doing a fantastic job the most thing that strike me most is the communal approach of the group lending. The group lending is the case where loans are given to groups with a common goal of supporting each other to become successful, each group member is in a way responsible for the success of the group, by the way, the loans are given to each group member based on their needs. Each group or team consists of between 8 – 23 members. Financial Training is offered to the borrowers and we are lucky to be part of such a training session. Here for instance in the picture is the credit officer providing training: Training Session
Borrowers listening with rapt attention
Dr Sama Introducing herself and her compatriots and giving a brief message about GLOBE.
Here the training session was over and we are interacting with the crowd after we were introduced
It was interesting seeing the zeal with which the borrowers were engaging and partaking in the training session. The passion, determination, commitment and team spirit exhibited is beyond what I can phantom. It tells me there is no excuse to fail, it tells me that to make a difference in the world doesn't require so much, and that if only you are committed to the cause then your little help can cause a meaningful transforming ripple effect in the lives of the "bottom billion. The crowing experience is the fact that the instructor you see in the first picture was once part of the Pro Mujer program, but know she isn't only just a program manager, but I saw a great deal of confidence, sense of purpose, tenacity and the desire to help the beneficiaries of the program to become independent like her. I think the work of Pro Mujer is worth commending and emulating. Here we were living the training site to Pro Mujer clinic. The Pro Mujer Clinic serves a dual purpose it firstly serves it's members and then serves other private clients, it isn't exclusively for it's members. Time to leave:
This is one of the days where we have much to do, we had quit a couple of places to visit. Our next stop was our meeting with Carita Felisz.