Monday, May 25, 2015

Adios Nicaragua <3

Let me just start off by saying what an eye opening experience this has been for me. My passion for GLOBE has grown tremendously (I didn't even know that was possible). Dr. Sama, Lina, and myself spent several hours arranging meetings and organizing the trip .... It was definitely worth all the emails and Skype sessions. We met organizations who share in our mission to alleviate poverty. The visits with different organizations made me realize how much of a need there is in Nicaragua for GLOBE  It also made me
realize how important the work I am doing is. Being a GA is not the easiest job, it's hard to build relationships with students much younger than myself and whose priorities are not the same.  However, being on this trip has given be a deeper appreciation for how hard the GLOBE managers work. They really care about the work they are doing. I saw excited Mariam and Kevin got when they met the borrowers whose applications they worked on last semester. It was as if I was watching families come together. I sometimes tend to forget that the students spend hours putting together the loan recommendations for these borrowers or evaluating their post and pre loan surveys. The GLOBE managers have built relationships with the borrowers and it was truly gratifying watching them interact. My hope
Is that everyone gets to experience the same joy I felt when I watched the borrowers speak and share how greatful they were to GLOBE. 

I want to THANK the GLOBE Steering committee, Dean Shoaf, Lina, and Mamma Sama for allowing me to have this amazing experience. I am so excited for the new crop of GLOBE managers to start so I can share all that I have learned with them. My head is filled with ideas on how we can grow GLOBE and help
more people. 

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  1. What a gift you were both before and during this trip. I felt the same way watching the GLOBE managers on this journey. It sharpened my appreciation of their passion for GLOBE. How grand that we have this mission to share! Looking forward to all...
    Linda Sama