Wednesday, May 20, 2015

People Helping People Global

Today was a very special day for me because what I have experienced and observed changed my world and life perspective. I had one of the most eye opening and humbling experiences in my life which I am going to describe in this post.

We drove approximately to Matagalpa, a city located 3 hours away from Managua. Of course we had to make a stop on the way there and take some pictures.

And more pictures. Pictures of the road because roads are so different in Nicaragua.

We met with Berly, Director of the Organization called People Helping People Global (PHPG), and one of its employees, Marta in a wonderful cafe in Matagalpa.In brief, organization works with individuals and their communities to escape extreme poverty.

Dr. Sama with Berly.

Kevin is always doing a great job with translating.
I think PHPG is a program similar to GLOBE, but just more developed with more infrastructure and actual employees. The organization offers interest-free microloans, training, and exposure to new markets.

PHPG's brochures explaining what the organization is, what does it do and operate.
The meeting with PHPG was very successful and I believe we can use some of its tools to improve our GLOBE program. With PHPG we visited borrowers and collected loans repayments and disbursed loans. We visited areas of extreme poverty. Borrowers lacked access to running water and many resources. However, with the use of loans they were able to invest money on their small businesses and enterprises to help themselves and their families to break the cycle of poverty.

All the pictures are from the neighborhood we visited, called . People in this community live near by the big trash dumb area where they go to look for food or items that can be used.
All children living in poverty were extremely happy to see us and play with us. It brought them much joy. Visits made me realize that I take many things for granted, and I do not always appreciate what I have. I learned, yet again, that simple things can bring happiness.

We got a chance to visit local school and see children who were attending it.

I am adding more pictures of the day and Nicaragua, its culture, people and gorgeous views.

My wonderful friends, Mariam, Chinyere, Alina (Graduate Assistant), and Kevin an are going to create very interesting posts, so please check them out.

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