Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 6 Managua

Our last full day in Managua was enjoyed doing various activities. We kicked off the day with some healthy breakfast of avocados, fruit and mango juice. The new found secret!

After breakfast we cruised over to the inactive volcano Mombacho and we took the rain forest tour up there. We were not dressed appropriately and thus we paid for it. By the time we were done with the 1.5 hour hike up and around the rain forest we were soaked, cold, hungry and a little tired. But we werent complaining. We enjoyed lunch by Lagoon Apoya the sight was breathtaking and on the bottom of the lagoon there are hotels.

Next lunch we visited the town of Katerina which we bought more souvenirs and I impulsively bought a leather bag...All the items were of quality and most handmade. Katerina is a quint little town and they had these statues of this women posing and she is suppose to represent the women of the area.

We finally made our way to the Masaya Volcano and much of the roads were closed off but we were able to see an active crater and it was amazing. The sulfur smell was not that strong but at one point I did take in some gas and started to cough like crazy. The other side of the volcano closed because of a forest fire that started at the end of the rainy season.

By the end of the day reality was creeping in on us. We were sad to see our time end in Nicaragua but I will always remember this time with the other fellows, Dr. Sama, Dave Grossman, the Daughters, Latitude Sisters, Manfred and all the locals Nicas we met. Saying goodbye is never easy but memories and photos are things we will always have.

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