Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 1 in Managua

No matter how experienced or inexperienced a traveller is. Getting up for a early morning flight is not an easy feat...ever.

The journey was smooth and without major incidents. At the gate David Grossman, our guide, and the hotel's driver were waiting for us at the gate. This was quite different from what I was used too.
The heat hit us immediately. I thought it was very nice compared to the rain in New York. This time of year in Nica is the transition from the dry season to the wet. We are still waiting for the rain.
After Dave picked us up we wastes no time. Our first visit was to the Fabretto Children's Foundation. The foundation is all over Nicaragua and this one was established to help the children of the trash dump workers. Who collect recyclables at these dumps and normally make less than $2 a day. There are 5 different areas in which they focus their resources on. At this specific center Mallory, the microenterprice  coordinator,was kind enough to let all of us peek in on an on going class. The educational system in Nica is quite different from that of the USA the students in Nica go to school for half the day. So after school the kids can go to the foundation for additional enrichment. Following the class room we were introduced to the jewelry making cooperative  and the president Rafael.
The majority of the jewelry made were from recyclable materials, simple yet complex in their design. No doubt some of us had a little fun shopping. We were also able to make our own macrame bracelets. Some of us we found out our arts and craft skills are not our strengths.
http://fabretto.donorshops.com/ There you can find the jewelry we saw.

Following the visit we went to get cleaned  at the hotel called La Pyramids the owner is a German expat. Dinner was at Ola Verde (Green Wave) and we had a delicious dinner there.

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