Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 5 Managua

Close to the end of our trip now and what was a light Friday became one that was booked with many meetings.

First we met with Agora Partnerships. Agora has a subdivision known as Agora Thriive and this program's purpose is to give out loans to entrepreneurs that they have selected. Instead of having the entrepreneurs repay the loan with physical money the loans are repaid by giving what ever good the company makes to the community. Thus the company really becomes social minded and learn about social responsibility. This is a new model that is successful, different and really pushes for establish business to give back. Not only are the businesses benefiting but also the community is too, thus its a real sense of paying it forward. Often times the business will continue to give back even after their loan is repaid and that is what Agora Thriive is really trying to establish in giving out these loans. The women whom took the time to speak with us is Vanessa and she has only been with Agora for 8 months yet she is very knowledgeable about the mission and vision of Agora Thriive.

Following Agora we had lunch with Global Partnerships. Global Partnerships was very interested in GLOBE and our mission and visions. They had many questions and were eager to give us insight and feedback. I really enjoyed spending time with them because of this.

Global Partnerships is a NGO that invest in other micro-loan institutions. They are currently in 11 countries but are expanding and seeking partnerships in Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. The interest rates to these micro-loan institutions are about 10% and the sums are quiet large. Thus if the micro-loan does not follow the guidelines set they can be drop from the Partnerships. The members of Global Partnerships all handle different countries and each one is very knowledgeable about the organization and what they have to do to make sure that their loans are repaid.

Finally after the meeting with Global Partnerships we met with the Daughters of Charity. The Daughters of Charity rounded up everyone they knew. Most of them being females. These women were ready and eager to find out more about GLOBE and what we had to offer. In particular one women, who teaches math at the School of St. Louis de Marillac wanted a loan to further her education and go to college. Another women wanted to open a library/school supply store because currently mothers have to travel far to get these goods. Then there was another women whom needed a loan to start a business so that she can get treatment for her cancer. All of these women had ideas and basic education, in turn they were able to figure out the interest rates of the loan and most had ideas for a business. Furthermore, it was exciting to see all these women at the school filled with questions about GLOBE.

After that fantastic and successful meeting we head back to the La Pyramid Hotel and had dinner and planned our last day in Nicaragua.

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