Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 4 Granada

After two relaxing days in the Maderas Village we boogied on down to Granada, the city of Granada had the feel of a small colonial town, it is a very charming place. I have been to another Granada, the one in Spain and it did not disappoint and this one did not either. 

In Granada we met Peder Kolind whom runs Carita Feliz. He is a very successful businessman whom obtain his fortune building up the security alarm industry. He is retired yet his entrepreneurship and his creativity has not ceased. Other than his security company his fortune also comes from his luxury hotel. He invited us to visit the school which we did later in the day.

After lunch at Tres Ojos we drove to the town of Masaya the home of the active volcano and market. We spent a little time in the market and where we were able to buy native art such as the indigenous masks. The market is set up in a old fort and it is a very touristy location and thus there was little bargaining.

Following the market we went back into town and visited the school Carita Feliz. The school was just on the outer part of Granada and the space was huge. The schools boasts about 1050 students and every evening dinner is provided with the exception of Wednesday. The students range from preschoolers to secondary schoolers.

Upon our arrival we were able to watch them perform a skit for Mother's Day. The play consisted of a man cheating on his wife with another women and he goes onto beating his wife. I was a little shocked to see that the children were exposed to this but, this little piece could be a part of a bigger story. We hope so.

At the end of our visit we gave them our school supplies and in turn the Director gave us posters with the faces of the 1050 kids. They also invited us to stay for dinner. Back in town we took a quick stroll through their Central Park which was a plaza and visited the cathedral. In celebration of Mother's Day at the end of the month their were fire crackers and flares, this reminded me a lot of Fallas in Valencia.

To top off the night we went to an authentic Nica restaurant called La Zanguan, the garage, and the steak was amazing and so was the decoration and service. I will forever remember this place.

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