Monday, May 29, 2017

Surf's Up in San Juan Del Sur

We visited roughly 5 cities, but stayed overnight in 4 of them. San Juan del Sur being the last of the bunch was reminiscent of a Surfer culture as our hotel was steps away from the beach. Even though the town had a surfer's vibe, we did not see any surfers enjoying the waves. This could be due in part to the fact that the waves were not that spectacular and surfers were just waiting for the season when they can finally experience their thrill. Nonetheless, Hotel de Azul is where we stayed and it was quite peaceful. 

During our stay in San Juan, we were able to visit El Cristo de Misericordia statue, which translates to The Christ of Mercy. It is a colossal statue of Jesus Christ in the city of San Juan del Sur standing tall at 134 m. The statue is overlooks the city of San Juan. It was quite the view! We saw what appeared to be a deep cave from the mirador and of course, in true fellow fashion, we decided to take a walk and explore. We were denied access along one of our routes, but it was worth a shot. 

So what do order for dinner when you get the opportunity to feast on the beach? You order Langosta y tostones of course. The meal was delicious and everything seemed to be fresh. The culture of the city was youthful and full of energy. San Juan Del Sur is definitely a 'touristy' city if you ever plan on visiting Nicaragua. 

Oh- how could I forget the massive mansions up in the hills overlooking the town? I don't know, but they were beautiful homes with magnificent views. #goals

The markets in this town are also more expensive than other towns we visited. Given the opportunity to shop in Markets before you reach San Juan del Sur, I advise you to please do so. I think it is more expensive there because of the amount of tourist that frequent the city.  Lastly, be prepared for Sunday Funday. The GLOBE Fellows did not take part in the activities, but it is when college aged adults from around the world "Hostel-hop" and socially drink at each destination as they meet new people and explore different activities in a given area. 

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