Wednesday, May 24, 2017

¡Hola from Nicaragua!

We're having a blast in Nicaragua! Highlights include visiting awesome organizations Fabretto, NicaHope, Rayo De Sol, Habitat for Humanity and Daighthers of Charity! One of my personal favorites was teaching skateboarding lessons to the children of Matagalpa, they absolutely loved the skateboard and were bobsledding on it down the dirt hills in their village. We made a ton of new friends who gave us a tour of their village. It was really astonishing the difference in structure quality between the homes in Nicaragua and the homes in the USA, here the walls are made of tin and the floors are dirt yet the residents are happier then ever and we're proud to give us tours of their home. This trip ha been such a humbling experience and has taught me to be be appreciative of everything I have!

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