Wednesday, May 24, 2017


We are not only having a blast in Nicaragua, but we are learning so much about microfinance. It is one thing to understand the concept theoretically, but a worthwhile experience to see it in practice. It is so important for social entrepreneurs to take a sincere interest in providing services in third world countries, otherwise, the government provided subsistence is not enough.

Before joining the fellows on this journey, I had not considered myself a Social Entrepreneur. I am not one who adopts titles for the sake of sounding important or for having social appeal, but one who genuinely values the process, sacrifice, and due diligence of this industry's work and then I'll decide if the title is befitting. I am glad to say, that after meeting various families in Nicaragua and understanding GLOBE from the front lines, I am a proud Social Entrepreneur.

My highlight thus far is being able to see, first hand, the Nicaraguan way of life. From a first world perspective, I would label the living conditions in Nicaragua a hardship, but honestly- there is huge sense of community and family in the air that my pity is unwarranted and unnecessary. I am glad to be a fellow on this trip and ready carry with me the story of every person I meet.

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