Friday, May 26, 2017


On Wednesday we had the pleasure of meeting our Nicaraguan borrowers (, located in Managua. What a tremendous experience! We met with roughly 12 of our borrowers; most of whom are currently experiencing their second loan with GLOBE. We spent the entirety of the afternoon getting to know these amazing individuals. Each spoke about their experience; they discussed their personal businesses, challenges they were or had been facing, and gave praise and thanks to OUR organization. This moment, seeing the gratitude in these individuals eyes, brought GLOBE completely full-circle. Each borrower, was thankful, not specifically for the money we provide them with, but for the OPPORTUNITY that GLOBE has granted them. They were all thankful for the very assistance that we have contributed to aid them in stepping out of poverty. This specific experience of this trip, has completely changed my life. Seeing the gratitude in these individuals eyes, was so inspirational. As they thanked us for the opportunity we provide them, I thanked them for the opportunity they provide us. As Natali was our translator (shout out to Natali and how awesome she is), she translated my thanksgiving towards them. I thanked them for the opportunity that they provide the GLOBE community; the opportunity to learn, both in the classroom, and outside of the classroom. Without these motivated individuals, GLOBE wouldn't be possible. I truly feel completely humbled by this experience. 

A specific thing that touched my heart in meeting our borrowers was their smiles. Every single person in the building that day, was glowing with happiness. As I am not very good with my Spanish, it became evident that a smile was a universal form of language. The smiles on our borrowers faces, truly warmed my heart, and again, made me feel extremely blessed for my ability to be a member of this GLOBE family. 

We also were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit a few of our borrowers homes/shops, and those we didn't have the opportunity to see, showed us many pictures of their products. I was stunned with what these entrepreneurs had created. From machinery, to carpentry, to yummy breakfast food, these were true entrepreneurs. Their work was original and innovative, and boy were they excited to share! WE have and are changing these people's lives! This truly is something I will never be able to forget; the sincerity in their eyes, their warm smiles, and embracive hugs, truly has touched my heart. This is what GLOBE does, this is the impact ALL of you are having on the lives of real, beautiful people. 

Thank you GLOBE managers, family, and friends, for your hard work and dedication to helping those less fortunate stand proud for all that they are accomplishing! 

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