Monday, May 30, 2016

Legazpi we have arrived!

At this point in the trip, we have  become frequent flyers. After a quick flight back from Iloilo the same day, we boarded another flight the following morning to Legazpi. Unfortunately, we experienced a flight delay that put us all in a frenzy because we were unsure if we would be able to meet to our borrowers in time. Nonetheless, we made it. Patiently, they waited for our arrival.

As we made our way to the table to have lunch with them, we were given partners to sit with. The borrowers did not come alone. They came with their families, many of which were their children. When it was time to present, their children would speak on their behalf. With little experience speaking English, they expressed their nervousness to us. We assured them that it was okay. We were not their to judge. There would come a time where we would have to introduce ourselves to the group. I understood their nervousness. What to say to the people I've learned so much about? I was so inspired by their bravery and commitment to create a life that was sustainable.

Later that day we planted mango trees together before indulging in dessert. I believe that the  trees were an indication of the bond we had created with one another. The bond was sweet, mutual, and forever. So grateful for the endless selfies and laughs that I will remember for a lifetime.

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