Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 2

 Micro-franchising was a completely new concept for us. We were listening very intently to learn more about it and how Supply Hope was using micro-franchising as opposed to microfinace to make a difference. Claudia very eloquently explained to us how the two were different but closely related. Supply Hope basically created a "business in a box" and was able to effectively combat multiple issues all at once and also measure their social impact. The Supply Hope logo is a visual of the "ripple effect" shapes many lives.

We had the opportunity to visit the home of one their operators and it was really an experience. Claudia explained to us how the Nicaraguan government closed La Chureca and many people had spent their entire lives there. The area we went to see how this woman sold food provided by Supply Hope right out of her home was one were a number of the people living their had formerly lived in La Chureca. Claudia also explained how approximately every fifth house sold drugs but somehow their operator living their seemed so peaceful and content selling goods right out of her house. 

I was just in awe of how Supply Hope was changing so many lives but also able to keep records and  document everything so accurately. They were actually able to create a model for measuring social impact and it's a model that I wish was present everywhere. One of the challenges the GLOBE program faces is measuring social impact and I think we could actually adopt Supply Hope's method of measuring impact.

The most important part of the entire trip also happened on Day 2, meeting our borrowers Maria and Sonya. These were two of the most upbeat, high-spirited, gracious, and poised women I have ever seen. They both welcomed us into their homes with a hospitality that is uncommon in the United States. They shared their stories with us and thanked us for the opportunities that the GLOBE program is providing. The photo above was taken at Maria's home with Sr. Reyna and GLOBE Graduate Assistant Anastasia also seen in the photo. Maria was explaining how her husband creates the cards seen in the photo and they are able to sell them right out of their house.

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